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Pocket Totalizer, Summation Register, Grand Total Verifier & Gross Amount Checker

Use SpeedyCalc to take full control over your inventory!

Did you ever feel the need to sum up a bunch of numbers quickly without the downside of having to battle a complicated keypad?

With SpeedyCalc you may have an efficient summation calculator on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. SpeedyCalc also allows you to log quantities and discounts for every entry while always displaying every value's details and the grand total in real time.


  • Every digit of the input value has its own set of number keys - no entering of leading zeros or commas required!
  • Press the keys multiple times to sum up their values (or to quickly correct fields with single digits).
  • SpeedyCalc provides a number of preset unit types which you can set up for display next to the entered values.
  • You can also manually enter any other unit type you need when working with the calculator!
  • Change the number range according to the order of magnitude of the values you are working with.

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